Friday, September 18, 2009

music is my everything

 without it
 my life might be dull..haha XD 
i like to make singing performance 
i don't care how people saying me as long as i'd did my best  in every performance

its really enjoyable when i'm put my make up on the stage 
well,that's me!

waiting for the next performance at school..
and i'll do my best throughout my life..
trust me~^^haha=)


my poems^o^

Rain street

i'm walking alone on the rain street
the dreariness make me start to pensive
shall i meet him again?
i ask in my peep heart 
he's there
walking alone now
i could recognize his shadow..
his shadow is fading away
fading away in a dark corner 
the rain starts to fall like my tears
my cold
and so sick..
i know that its just an illusion 
but i still make believe that you are here... 


where are you? 
invisible from my soul;
might my sadness be a little few,
shall i thought of my owe? 


what will come got to come
once it come,we shall never run from it
this life is so miserable
i see people walking down the street
do they know,
what await for them ahead
life is such a wonderful;
death is such a painful
its not us who decide
its them to plan
when trues come
it shall bring us forward
without living any trace..


so happy today^^
juz havin a friend gathering..
we've threw out a party at sandy's home
and somemore bakin' some rockbuns n cookies=)
we really had a lots of fun 2day..